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15th-Jun-2007 06:49 pm(no subject)
my lovely boyfriend adopted me a sloth at London Zoo.
We went to visit it on wednesday. was ruddy lovely!
they have built a new rainforest section. it reminds me much of a greenhouse at kew gardens.
You go in through heavy plastic curtains and a set of doors, and then you are actually in a walk away looking down onto a mini rainforest section. there is no glass screening it off, so some of the little monkeys and birds came right up to where we were! the two sloths there are beautiful. sleepy, and smiley, they lick their lips and yawn lots! we have named the male one seymor! I am planning on volunteering sometime there. maybe at the end of august/start of september [i am away/homeless from monday till the 4th of august]

we also saw amazing huge bats in the nighttime section. well silky. they moved like spider man up and down branches. amazing.


i wanted to go see the penguins, becuase i Bloody love Berthold Lubetkins art deco penguin enclosure.
However when i got there, it said the penguins had been moved.
I hope with my whole heart that it is just temporary and that Lubetkins art deco lovelness will be there forever!!! It is grade 1 listed, so they cant do anything to it. but i hope that they will still use it as a penguin enclosure, becuase that is part of the wonderfulness about it!!

here are some google image search photos of the penguin enclosure!

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i may do a total Lubetkin post soon!

Feel free to add me. most of my posts are pictures of pretty exteriors/interiors
7th-May-2007 01:26 pm(no subject)
Ok so my first post comes from
Though its actually going to be some images of Art Deco Buildings in Washington DC

Greyhound Liquors

How amazing does that sound. I wish they still made shop fronts like this now adays

Brightly-colored full Vitrolite facades lent a festive note to post-prohibition nightclubs and liquor stores. Perhaps Washington's best surviving glass storefront is the former home of Greyhound Liquors, a block down New York Avenue NE from the magnificent art deco Hecht Company warehouse.

Greyhound Liquors, which opened circa 1938 in a neighborhood of gas stations and warehouses, apparently took its name from a nearby bus garage. During its earlier years, the store was robbed at gunpoint at least a dozen times, once reportedly by the "Bandage Face Bandit" alleged to have murdered a grocer during a robbery wave in the fall of 1942. Nonetheless, the business endured at 1361 New York Avenue NE until 2004.

Today the vacant storefront, with its stairstep pediment and teal and black color scheme reminescent of a 1938 DeSoto, has lost a few glass panels but appears largely intact.

Please feel free to add my journal.
its just going to be pictures of amazing buildings, interiors, furniture [design classics mainly], lots of art deco stuff, maybe a few photos of textiles and clothes (as i work in the clothing store of a museum)


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7th-Aug-2006 07:53 pm - Welcome!
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