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A Community for Architecture Enthusiasts!
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Welcome to architectura - a community for people who love architecture! Moderated by mylittlepeony, this community is designed for people of all skill levels to showcase their photos of architecture. Please take a few moments to read our community rules.

For the time being, community membership is open, but posts are moderated. If you have any questions about the community, why you might have been banned, or why your post might have been denied, please comment on this post only. Do not comment in my journal. As I am only one person and cannot check every post all of the time, if you are having problems with another member, please feel free to contact me via my personal journal, but only for that reason!

» Only personal photos are allowed, meaning you may only post photos you have taken. The only exception to this rule is if you were to post your own photos, along with a photo or two of the same architecture taken by someone else.
» Photos outside of an LJ-cut may not be larger than 600 pixels in height and width.
» No more than one (1) photo outside of an LJ-cut.
» No disabling the comment feature on your post, unless you insert a link for comments to be left elsewhere on Livejournal.
» Spam, text-only, and off-topic posts will be denied.
» Members who continuously break rules or leave rude comments will be warned once. A second time will result in that member being banned.
» It is recommended that you utilize the tag feature, stating things like camera, equipment, location, etc.

Other communities that might be of interested: _urban_photos; abandonedplaces; le_detroit; rural_ruin; urban_decay; creativephoto

The Mod: Sabrina Io'Ana

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